Regulatory Compliance

Regulation and Compliance have been around since the Romans began regulating societates.

It has definitely intensified since then and financial organizations are now obligated to adhere to strict guidelines to avoid potential litigation and remain operational. In today’s Financial Services industry nothing could be more important to the success and continuation of the business and to ensure that Firms stay on the right side of the relevant regulations.

With ever-increasing change and the regulatory risk involved many firms spend significant time and resources tracking and analysing regulatory change, for example with the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID, MiFID II & MiFIR), finding suitably skilled staff all adding up to increased pressure on budgets; Compliance to Regulations is proving to be one of the biggest challenges firms face today.

As a result, and in order to prevent potential compliance issues, organizations turn to RMC for specialized consulting to ensure that compliance is at the core of their business. Some of benefits include:

  • Assurance to customers that processes are consistent: Customers need assurances that their investments and trading activities are being monitored against fraud or misuse of funds. Moreover, a customer / investor will most likely be attracted to engage in an organization that provides this assurance.
  • Risk mitigation: Protection against litigation.
  • Time management & Reporting: Following compliance procedures ensuring that crucial regulatory reporting requirements is duly completed and filed.


At RMC, we tailor each package to suit our clients’ needs, from providing training, support and guidance to overseeing each and every function and being fully outsourced. This is done through our consulting process which involves a deep understanding of our client’s needs and goals; whether a Straight Through Processing model, a more complex Market Maker, where our clients Deal on Own Account to Portfolio Management and Investment Advice, we are able to put in place and oversee all the necessary requirements of the regulator.